Huggie earrings are a type of earring designed to snugly fit around the earlobe. They feature a unique hinge mechanism that allows them to open and close easily, eliminating the need for a traditional earring back. This design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Design Varieties:

  1. Material Colour Variations: They come in an array of colour, including classic gold and silver.
  2. Embellishments: Options include crystal-embellished gold and silver huggies, adding a touch of glamour.
  3. Charm Huggie Hoops: These are adorned with various charms, offering a playful and personalized touch.

Size Range: Huggie earrings are available in different sizes, typically ranging from 6mm to 10mm.

Styling Tips for Multiple Ear Piercings:

  • For Two Piercings: If you have two ear piercings, start with the smallest size huggie hoop (6mm or 8mm) in the second lobe.
  • This can be styled in two ways:
    • Minimal Chic Look: Pair it with a slightly larger huggie in the first piercing for a subtle and refined appearance (10mm), or a charm huggie hoop.
    • Bold Statement Look: Combine it with a gold chunky earring in the first piercing to create a more dramatic and eye-catching style.

Huggie earrings versatility and comfort make them a popular choice for those seeking a blend of elegance and practicality in their jewellery. Whether opting for a minimalistic approach or a bold statement, these earrings offer endless styling possibilities.

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